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Smart Mobe - Mobile Solution

Mobility is at the core of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed from just enabling business emails and data on the move to mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business. Today, mobility solutions and services help companies leverage contextual, real-time data to reach out to customers, employees, vendors and partners anytime, anywhere.
Cloutics’ Smart Mobe Solution is a combination of three triggers that are disrupting the customer experience space: Location based services, Mobile Apps and Personalization. Our solution leverages our extensive expertise in enterprise mobility and the data analytics & business insights space to address how these triggers can be combined to transform the digital customer experience. The Cloutics Mobe solution has applicability across industry sectors such as Retail, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism and Food & Beverages.

What is Smart Mobe Solution?

Smart Mobe Solution is a convergence of Location, Mobile and Personalization. The solution transforms outdoor and in-store experiences through context-sensitive engagement. Smart Mobe Solution enables retail businesses to connect the dots between discrete customer information like location, cross-channel purchase behavior and loyalty with corporate information like sales, inventory and active promotions. The result is the ability to provide real-time and personalized notifications / offers on a customer’s smartphone.

Uniqueness of the Solution

The solution leverages and integrates existing infrastructure like responsive delivery frameworks, mobile web applications, ecommerce sites and existing enterprise systems to build native applications. This solution approach reduces time to market, total cost of ownership and manageability while providing superior customer experience.

Retail businesses constantly face the challenge of footfalls vs conversions. Customers are increasingly using smart phones as a shopping medium and are willing to share personal information in return for personalized shopping experiences.

Digital Engagement & Loyalty Solution

Always on and digitally connected customers are driving the business need for customer engagement: bi-directional, dialogue based interactions between the enterprise and its customers. Customer engagement is a key driving force behind customer loyalty. Cloutics DTS Digital Customer Engagement & Loyalty Solutions help you build deep relationships with customers, engage them in a sustained manner, and develop deep customer insights. Our digital platform Engagement Junction is a full-fledged, cloud based, Digital Engagement platform that helps you engage with your customers, reward them for their time & interactions, and derive rich business insights from those interactions.

Transforming the Brand Consumer Relationship

In the digital world of today, it is consumer engagement and not transactions that is a much better indicator of loyalty. Engagement Junction is a next generation software platform from Cloutics DTS for Digital Consumer Engagement. With a wide array of rich, pre-built engagement type templates, Engagement Junction helps brands “close the loop” with their consumer communication and gamify the experience for consumers by offering loyalty points for every digital interaction. The benefits include structured and sustained interactions with consumers, deep consumer insights, and increased loyalty

Why Digital Engagement & Loyalty Solution?

For any brand in the digital world today, the need of the hour is Digital Consumer Engagement – the ability to engage with their consumers using digital and social media. Current platforms provide basic engagement and can help create awareness about your brand. However, they are not able to address three fundamental business needs: Engaging with consumers in a structured and sustained manner, deriving deep consumer insights, and Influencing brand advocacy.