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SQL2NoSQL - Relational Database to NoSQL Migration

The relational database has been the pillar of Enterprise Data Management for more than a few decades. The growth in data sources and user loads are pushing relational databases beyond their limits and the search for alternatives to meet the ever-changing market and data needs are vital.

Cloutics RDB-2-BIGDATA solution helps facilitate seamless migration in part or whole from an RDBMS to the Big Data platform, enabling better performance, scalability, ease of management for next-generation web applications, data and analytics platforms, advanced operations and upkeep.

The solution offers operational reliability with built-in monitoring APIs for easy ongoing maintenance and high availability to handle failures gracefully with minimal impact to the application.

Relational Databases supported

MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Progress

Big Data Platforms supported

Document Storage:    Clusterpoint, Couchbase, CouchDB, DocumentDB, IBM Domino, MarkLogic, MongoDB, RethinkDB, XML-databases.

Wide Column Storage:   BigTable, Cassandra, Druid, HBase, Hypertable, OpenNeptune, Qbase, Hadoop

The manual migration process from RDBMS to a Big Data platform is a time-consuming difficult job that is also very prone to errors after migration.

Fortunately, RDB-2-BIGDATA help to convert and replicate your database effortlessly and rapidly. They keep your data integrity, database structures, the relations between tables and map data types.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in database server administration or not, with minimum effort, the data is ported into the Big Data platform with ease.

By using RDB-2-BIGDATA, the customer can save close to 30-40% of the migration effort. This gives significant savings on the cost, fasten business to go live.

Advantages of NoSQL Database


Each table in NoSQL is independent of the other. NoSQL provides us the ability to scale the tables horizontally, so we can store frequently required information in one table. All the table joins need to be handled at application level. Thus, data retrieval is fast.


As the user base grows and we require a database which has capabilities to handle the added load, most of the NoSQL databases have the capabilities to scale as the data grows.

There are various types of NoSQL databases available in the market, and the scalability of database varies among different types, we have to choose the database as per our application needs. Scalability can be categorized based on:

Read Scaling: Large number of Read operations

Write Scaling: Large number of Write operations


In relational databases, for each table we must define a schema, where we specify the number of columns and the type of data it holds. It is difficult to change the datatype of the column, and adding new column will result in lots of null values in the table. In NoSQL databases, adding/removing column is easy because we don’t have to specify schema on table creation.


  • Complete and Custom Migration option
  • Customized recommendation of New NoSQL Data Model
  • Option to change the data model before migration to mongoDB
  • Preview of Collection sample before migration
  • Automation of the mongoDB cluster setup
  • Desktop based GUI Tool for easy table selection and relation mapping
  • Option to select relevant column for migration
  • Data Validation check with count
  • Generate application code snippet such as JAVA, Python, and PHP etc.
  • Data Migration Summary Report


  • Easy and Faster migration of your existing relational data
  • Flexible and Automated resolution of data dependencies
  • Reduced Total cost of ownership