Security Solutions

THE NXTSERV offers security solutions encompassing areas of information assurance and risk mitigation. Our solutions combine data protection, data discovery, elimination of data fragments and proper storage segmentation and multi-layered security control above the same. This is achieved using a combination of technologies and human capital, including but not limited to AI, data virtualization and automation, among others.

All our solutions have a safety by design tenet. This means that there is no possibility of failure or compromise, wilful or otherwise!

Customers today rely on various copies of the same data in different media for safety and back up. But that alone does not address security risks or assure of data availability. Numerous existing systems have a base in languages like Unix, which were built in an era where the notion of cloud computing, DDOS attacks and other aspects were absent. Our solutions help

  • Break data silos and create sense in form and function of data
  • Compliance with GDPR and other data governance regulations
  • Comprehensive threat analysis and risk mitigation
  • Prevent insider thefts
  • Reduce the threat of ransomware, data breaches and other cyber risks.
  • Comply with business continuity planning and data recovery on any scale and size

We also offer cloud consulting services to help make sense of complexities and arrive at a winning solution based on your unique needs. Right from the precise choice of platform to the use of various tools and techniques, we deliver unmatched value with our insight and experience.

We are also partners with VMware. Our solutions are grouped as follows

Endpoint Standard

  • Next-gen Antivirus
  • Behavioral EDR
  • Device Control

Block malware, fileless, and Living-off-the-land attacks, and detect behavior unusual to your organization.

Endpoint Advanced

  • Next-gen Antivirus
  • Behavioral EDR
  • Audit and Remediation
  • Device Control

Add device audit and risk remediation for system hardening across your environment

Endpoint Enterprise

  • Next-gen Antivirus
  • Enterprise EDR
  • Audit and Remediation
  • Device Control

Add continuous event capture, automated threat hunting, SOC tools and custom threat intelligence

Advantages of engaging with THE NXTSERV

  • Improved cyber security and data assurance
  • Compliance with all relevant legal and statutory protocols
  • Maintaining an assured golden copy of data
  • Assured data security at risk and in motion
  • Excellent data visibility
  • Eliminating data silos and simplified risk mitigation solutions
  • Security by design for best results
  • We offer storage intrusion and detection, well beyond and above the traditional network intrusion solutions